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Jugglers Tennis

juggling trick animation tennis

Tennis is a popular juggling trick which is good start after learning the 3 ball cascade. One ball goes back and forth between hands and travels over the others, resembling a tennis ball in a tennis match. Tennis is generally speaking a pretty easy and quick juggling trick to learn.

Breaking the trick down into steps makes things much simpler (this is true for most tricks). The difference between Tennis and the Cascade is that one ball is constantly being thrown over instead of scooped underneath the other juggling balls.
To learn Tennis, you want to practice doing those overthrows. Start juggling a standard cascade and try doing one overthrow. Toss the ball higher than the rest of your throws, so that the ball travels over the previous ball instead of underneath it. Practice performing these throws with both hands and try to get equally good with both hands. A good starting exercise is starting by juggling a cascade, then making one overthrow and then resume juggling a normal cascade for a few seconds until you feel your pattern is stable before trying another overthrow. You can reduce the time you pause between the overthrows as you start to get more comfortable with them.

real tennis juggling trick tutorial animation

Real Tennis

Reverse Tennis is a simple variation in which you're doing reverse cascade throws instead of normal cascade throws.

reverse tennis juggling trick tutorial animation

Reverse Tennis

Reverse Tennis is a simple variation in which you're doing reverse cascade throws instead of normal cascade throws.

juggling trick rainbow


Pretty similar to columns and tennis. With this trick, you toss your balls crossing each other like a rainbow, hence the name. Make sure to get enough height, compared to columns, your 2 outer ball are hanging in the air relatively long.


juggling tricks columns
This trick is also called " 1 up 2 up" sometimes. To learn this juggling trick, you'll want to get comfortable with juggling 2 balls in one hand(this comes in handy if you want to learn how to juggle 4 balls too, if you haven't done that yet). If you can juggle 2 balls with one hand, it's just a matter of juggling 2 balls in one hand while keeping them in a straight up and down pattern and throwing 1 ball up and down in the other hand. Try to make the 2 outer juggling balls go as synchronized as possible, the more synchronized they go up and down, the better this trick will look!

Variations on the columns trick

There are endless amounts of variations on this trick which are all pretty easy to learn once you get the hang of it. Some of them like fake columns, infinity columns, and yo-yo are displayed below. Just play around with them, maybe you will even invent your own trick.

juggling tricks fake colums
Fake Columns
juggling tricks yo-yo
juggling trick infinity columns
Infinity Columns

423 Siteswap

Start the 423 siteswap by taking 2 balls in your dominant hand and 1 in the other. Start juggling a cascade and toss one ball about twice the height as normal, this ball is thrown in the air almost vertically as it will be caught by the same hand. Just before catching the ball, you throw the ball remaining in that hand to the other hand, just like a cascade. Now throw the ball that's in your other hand up vertically like before. Rinse and repeat.

Congratulations, you've just learned another trick! This trick is a building block for lots of other juggling tricks, too. Practicing this trick and it's variations might come in handy later for learning some other tricks

Variation on the 423 siteswap

real tennis juggling trick tutorial animation
Real Tennis
The W juggling trick tutorial animation
"The W"
Burke's Barrage juggling trick tutorial animation
Burke's Barrage

Reverse cascade

juggling tricks reverse cascade

The Reverse Cascade, a pretty basic trick and a good first trick to learn. It's a building block for a lots of other juggling tricks, too. Instead of scooping the balls under the other balls like the normal cascade, you throw them over the incoming ball. If you have the normal 3 ball cascade down (which you should!) you will learn this trick in no time at all.