How to juggle 3 balls

how to juggle 3 balls tutorial animation
One ball
how to juggle 3 balls tutorial step 2
Two balls
how to juggle 3 balls tutorial animation flash

Alright, let's get down to business. Learning how to juggle 3 balls will be your first stepping stone to greatness! Although there are many variations for juggling 3 balls, we will start with the cascade, which is the base pattern for uneven numbers.

Start with one ball

First, we need to get some basic juggling skills. Practice your tossing and catching, do a few arched throws back and forth between your hands to get the feeling. This step is important if you want to learn how to juggle 3 balls, it's your foundation. 

2 balls

Throw one ball with an arch and scoop the other ball underneath it like the animation. While juggling, try to feel out which hand you are more comfortable with and stick with this hand to start your first throw. Practice the movement and scooping motion until it feels smooth and you don't have to think about it that much anymore. This will go a lot faster when you are juggling 3 balls.

3 balls

When you think you're ready for 3 balls, give it a go. Try to juggle a flash first. A flash is just throwing the 3 balls and then catching them all. This step is important, try to practice the flash as much as you can before adding more throws. It will help you learn more efficient. When you get consistent with your flash, add in more and more throws until you can continuously juggle.

With some practice and discipline, you will be able to juggle 3 balls within a week (or maybe even less)!. If you can juggle 3 balls and want to learn something new, I recommend you check out some other juggling tricks before you progress to 4 balls.