Juggling Games

Juggling Games

Gladiator / Combat juggling

(minimum of 2 jugglers)

This is a combat style juggling game. The objective is to be the last person to be continuously juggling. The competitors start out standing in a circle, do a countdown and the gladiators start juggling. You can do everything to mess with each others' pattern.

  • combat juggling

Stealing: Throw up your balls real high and try to snatch a ball out of one of your opponents hands, be careful not to mess up your own pattern though. Besides from the satisfaction of messing with your opponent, you'll now have an extra ball which you can use to throw at your opponents hands to confuse them.

One handed tactics: Sneak up on your victim, switch into one handed juggling and try to block their vision. If you're facing an opponent which is reasonably lightweight you can try to lift them up with one arm. Or you can just mess with their arms.

There are endless possibilities here. Try to make up your own rules and gameplay as you go along.

1 Ball pirouettes

(minimum of 2 jugglers)

A great juggling game for groups with various skill levels. This game is based on rounds, everyone stands in a circle with one juggling ball. Start with throwing your ball up and doing one pirouette and go around in the circle. If you drop your ball, you lose. With each round every player has to do one more pirouette until there is only one person left.

Random Number Generator

(3 jugglers + 1 non-juggler(optional))

Stand in a triangle with equal distance between the players. Decide on which count you want to play. 4 count is recommended when playing this game for the first time. 4 count means you do three normal juggling tosses and on every 4th count, you pass a ball to an opponent, while receiving one in return from your second opponent.

Imagine yourself standing in a triangle with your 2 opponents diagonally left and right from you. Each player has 4 hands to pass to. We're naming them 1-4 from left to right. So the left hand of the person that's to the left of you gets the number 1, his or her right hand has number 2, the left hand of the opponent to the right of you gets number 3 and his right hand number 4.

Start out with a pass right away, this pass will always go to hand number 2, so you pass to your left opponents right hand while receiving a ball from the other opponent in your right hand. On every pass, someone calls a random number from 1 to 4. This number will be the hand your next pass will go to.

This is where the non-juggling player comes in to play. The person calling the numbers could either be:

  1.  The fourth non-juggling player (switch roles if one player gets bored) This is the easiest option.
  2. One of the jugglers, always the same person.
  3. One of the jugglers, but rotating between who calls. This is the hardest option.

If you feel like it's getting easy you could switch to a faster count. 4-count and 3-count is not that hard but 2 count gets pretty tough.

Endurance juggling

(minimum of 1 juggler)

Of course you could just compete in who can juggle the longest, last one juggling wins. But you can also mix things up by having all competitors stand on one leg or juggling while sitting down or only juggle at head height etc. there are lots of ways to make it more interesting. Maybe you'll even discover some hidden talent you had no idea you had.

Fun fact: Ofek Snir holds the record for 5 ball endurance juggling which he did for 2 hours 41 minuts and 26 seconds! 

Red Ball

(minimum of 3 players)

Stand in a circle with everyone holding two balls of the same color(not red). One person has the "red ball" That person starts out juggling.  The person holding the red ball can then pass the red ball at any time they want to any player. That player has to catch the ball into a juggle and repeats the same process as the first person. If the person with the red ball drops any ball while they are juggling or if they pass the wrong ball, they are out. Also, if any player misses the red ball when it is tossed to them they are also out. Last man standing wins the round. 

You could add a rule where the players that are out of the game can snatch the red ball mid air when thrown to get back into the game.